We represent a group of the Netherlands' most prestigious real estate agents joining forces to offer unparalleled service and quality. All specialists in luxury homes.

With a demonstrated international scope and providing truly unique support, including management and implementation of architecture, construction, interior design and landscaping projects.

We shoulder the complete burden for our (inter)national clients regarding the purchase, sale, renting and letting of prime real estate properties.




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Our Approach


Half the property that we acquire or sell isn't openly on the market. Transacting these 'needles in haystacks' requires proactive research and an unmatched network of professional and private local networks. Recognizing your aspirations and sensing your lifestyle now and in the future. Understanding practical factors such as timescales, geography and the refined balance between buying and investing.

You provide us your most specific of briefs, such as pinpoint locations, precise architectural styles and specific features, or you let us know what meets broadly to your aspiration, we'll be following your agenda, not ours. Guiding you to the best opportunities and steer you away from the pitfalls. We’ll take you round selected short-lists of properties, profoundly analysing pros and cons for the property, the location and the seller's mind-set.

When you make a move, we'll develop a strategy, negotiate and fully manage the sale or acquisition. Typically, saving you three times as much as our fees on average.


How to market a one-of-a-kind home in the international luxury market? Because luxury homes already have a very specific (global) audience, traditional local methods of maximizing exposure in a general way aren't always effective enough. Compared to just one traditional real estate agent, with Baerz & Co your market penetration increases significantly through our unparalleled network of a sturdy group of best real estate agencies throughout the Netherlands. And a successful international sale of a luxury property begins with an effective access to the right channels, at home and abroad.

We only sell luxury properties without compromising our independence.

Our impartial advice has often proved to be invaluable when it comes to a sale and for all other processes once a sale is agreed.

Another way to enhance the sale of your property could be our unique (digital 3D) ‘Restyle & Sell’ approach. Please contact our office for more information about the way we can transform your home according to general buyer’s expectations.


Our rental specialists only work in the luxury rental market segment and offer extensive experience combined with an exclusive network. Public listings on the internet are often dated or inaccurate and only serve to garner attention.

Save yourself the time and nuisance, we'll fully manage all your renting issues in the most efficient and professional way. Thus always finding you the exact property that meets your requirements. Only after we truly understand your wishes in detail we can start working, always willing to go the extra mile.

Baerz & Co provides a unique rental advisory service with a positive and realistic view on rental property. Don’t be surprised with our insights you never would have thought of. So get better and more personal service than at any other traditional rental agency. Typically in most cases our team is happy to help you even after office hours.


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