Buying & Selling


Half the property that we acquire or sell isn’t openly on the market. Transacting these ‘needles in haystacks’ requires proactive research and unmatched professional and private local networks. Recognizing your aspirations and sensing your lifestyle now and in the future. Understanding practical factors such as timescales, geography and the refined balance between buying and investing.

You provide us your most specific of briefs, such as pinpoint locations, precise architectural styles and specific features, or you let us know what meets broadly to your aspiration, we’ll be following your agenda, not ours. Guiding you to the best opportunities and steer you away from the pitfalls. We’ll take you round selected short-lists of properties, profoundly analysing pros and cons for the property, the location and the seller’s mind-set.

When you make a move, we’ll develop a strategy, negotiate and fully manage the sale or acquisition. Typically, saving you three times as much as
our fees on average.



How to market a one-of-a-kind home in the international luxury market? Because luxury homes already have a very specific (global) audience, traditional local methods of maximizing exposure in a general way aren’t always effective enough. Compared to just one traditional real estate agent, with Baerz & Co your market penetration increases significantly through our unparalleled network of 35 best real estate agencies throughout the Randstad. And a successful international sale of a luxury property begins with an effective access to the right channels, at home and abroad.

We only sell luxury properties without compromising our independence.
Our impartial advice has often proved to be invaluable when it comes to a sale and for all other processes once a sale is agreed.

Another way to enhance the sale of your property could be our unique
(digital 3D) ‘Restyle & Sell’ approach. Please contact our office for more information about the way we can transform your home according to general buyer’s expectations.


We focus on you as an individual. We focus on the lifestyle that you have now and the one you and your family want in the future. We focus on efficiently selling a property to your satisfaction or acquire one to enhance your life, on your terms, in your timescale.


Over the years Baerz & Co advisers have acquired a deep understanding of the Dutch prime residential property sector. Our instinct for value, opportunity and lifestyle-fit are supported by the certainty that comes from comprehensive research and long-lasting experience.


We’d never compromise our genuine independence. Baerz & Co is a privately owned business. We don’t work on conflicting assignments. We strongly advocate transparency of fees and don’t share commission to our employees.


We don’t give or take commission from third parties. We don’t allow anything or anyone to cloud the clarity or impartiality of our thinking. And because of that the property and buyer’s information we acquire through our extensive, high quality network is all the stronger.

Due Diligence

Not just due diligence or the sort of diligence that exposes a local planning application or a neighbour dispute. But the sort of diligence that enables us to know when a property could be for sale even though it’s not on the market. The sort of diligence you might not think of first…


Do a great job and be trusted! That is why most of our new business comes from referrals. We build trust by our integrity rules and also not being afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear. We trust ourselves, because our instincts have a solid foundation in commitment, experience and property knowledge.